» The chance to experience the Asian world and make international contacts. «
Male student in front of Hong Kong Uiversity of Science and Technology

Experience Report By Eric

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2019

Already at the beginning of my studies I have made the decision to spend a semester abroad and exotic destinations were my priority.

A Hong Kong as a special administrative region of China and former British crown colony is a melting pot between western and Asian culture. With this background, Hong Kong became the perfect place for me during my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology gave me the chance to experience the Asian world, make international contacts and study in a very international environment. The campus university with its hillside location on a coast offers a unique panorama. In addition, Hong Kong is an ideal starting point to explore many other countries in the Far Eastern, as many destinations can be reached by plane in just a few hours.