» Particularly impressive was the NUS campus, where all the student life took place. «
Student vor einem Gebäude der University of California in Berkeley

Experience Report By Julius

National University of Singapore, 2023

With the support of the Lothar and Sigrid Rohde Foundation, I studied at the National University of Singapore (NUS) for a semester and gained unique academic and cultural experiences.

Singapore fascinated me as an “Asian Tiger” that has developed from a poor country to one of the most modern and progressive countries in the world in just a few decades. Singapore also has an internationally renowned university, the NUS, which is one of the top 10 in the world.

Academically, I used my stay abroad to specialize in the areas of machine learning and optimization algorithms. The practice-oriented modules offered numerous opportunities to work on extensive projects together with local students and gain valuable practical experience.

Particularly impressive was the NUS campus, which was home to the entire student life: from libraries, sports grounds, swimming pools and supermarkets to the famous Hawker Centers with their culinary diversity, the students were well catered for here. The NUS is also characterized by its special sense of community. There are professional student teams in various sports and the individual student houses have their own emblems and merchandise and are involved in interest groups such as soccer.

Singapore itself offers many sights such as Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay or the Singapore Grand Prix. It is also a strategic starting point for traveling in Southeast Asia, so I was able to explore Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam during my stay. These experiences made the primary academic stay a real adventure.

This combination of academic, cultural and social experiences enriched me personally. The semester abroad at NUS was a unique experience that I will always remember fondly.